Your requested items will be 100% insured until you receive the items safely.

We will not accept any auction-style items.

If you don’t pay for the items for 3 days, it will automatically cancelled.
Cancellation will not be accepted after you make a payment for the items.

We can accept pre-order items, too.

Shipping information containing your tracking number will be shown in your account after your parcel is shipped.
You will also receive a shipping notification e-mail.

When your parcels arrive, they will be directly made ready for shipping.
Parcels will be shipped within 24 hours (except for weekends).

We ship all the parcels by EMS (Express Mail Service) or Airmail (if there is no EMS in your country).
If you want to ship by Sea Mail or SAL, contact us.

It is not possible for International shipping.
Domestic shipping can fix the arrival date. (Yamato transport)

Before you make a payment for the items, please fill in the value declaration.
This affects the import tax you might have to pay as well as the highest amount the insurance will cover in case of loss.
If you do not know the price of the item (i.e., if it is used or a gift), please estimate it to your best knowledge.

The tax declaration states the contents and value of your parcel in English. It is mandatory for international shipping. Local customs authorities may use this information to evaluate whether tax has to be paid. We are filling in the tax form based on the information you gave to us and will not check it for correctness; however, we will not be responsible for problems arising from misstatements. Please provide the correct information in order to avoid problems with your local authorities.

When you are not at home, you will receive a message from the transport company. You can either pick up the parcel or get it delivered again. After a period of about one week (depending on country), the parcel will be sent back to us.
Please make sure you or someone is at home after placing a shipping request.

If your items get sent back to us, we will ship them again. The following costs will arise:

In case your parcels come back to us, you will be charged:

  • Reshipping cost
  • Insurance

We will inform you if your things get returned here.

Please understand that we cannot store returns longer than 30 days. After this time, the items will be discarded or sent back to the sender.

* Import restrictions vary from country to country. Please check with your customs authorities if you are unsure about an item.

It is possible.
Please note the other person’s name and address in the shopping request form. Shipping costs will be charged for the country where this persons resides.

We are able to ship parcels to Japanese addresses such as hotels, your friends, guest houses.

The monthly fee is FREE for Japan Proxy Shopping.

We accept PayPal only.  Please make a payment when you receive the total price from us.



We will open your parcel and remove extra packing materials and direct mails from the shops.
We pack all the items in one box to minimize the parcel size and add some wrapping to protect it from damage.
We might put your things in a new box (mostly recycled), wrap them with air cushion or tape, depending on how good the wrapping already is.
We are doing our best to ensure your parcels arrive safely.

* For large and over-sized items parcel-like wrapping may not be possible. In this case, existing wrapping will only be reinforced.

There are many cases where e-mails, especially from free providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail have failed to reach our customers.
If you don’t receive emails from us, please check your spam folder.

To make sure you receive important emails from DANKEBOX, please add to your email’s safe senders list.

“Forgot password” link on login page.
We will need your registered e-mail address in order to restore your ID / password.
If you have forgotten your registered email address, please contact us from the contact form.

Your user account can be canceled anytime.
We will delete all your data. Please contact us.

Please try this troubleshooting checklist of solutions to common login problems.

Correct password?
The password field is case sensitive, so check if you are using the correct capitalization. If you are unsure about or have forgotten your password, please contact us from the contact form.

Extra spaces in login?
Our login system is space sensitive as well as case sensitive, so be careful not to enter any extra spaces before or after your login ID and password.

Are you using the correct ID and password?
Make sure that you are trying to log in to your account using the same ID and password that you provided when you registered. The email and password fields are case sensitive, so use the correct capitalization and do not include extra spaces.

Do you have more than one user ID?

Did you change your password in your account before?

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