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3 Reasons you need Proxy Shopping to buy from Japan

Over 95% of Japanese online shops:

 1. Have order forms that only accept Japanese.

2. Cannot accept credit cards issued outside Japan.

3. Do not ship outside Japan.

How to Use the Service

1. Sign-up for Japan Proxy Shopping and create your account

2. Find items you want to buy from Japan and Request Shopping

3. Make a payment for the items and shipping fee

4. You will receive the items

More Details

Our Service

Safe Security

Customers’ information will be strictly controlled so there is no leaking to the outside. Your parcels and letters will be stored in a place that can only be reached to by the staff.

Check your status of your orders online and request shopping with Easy Transaction

Our online system is simple to use and easy to understand.

Batch Shipment

Save money with batch shipment. We can pack your items in one box for shipping.


Disposal Service

We will discard unnecessary invoices and packing materials.


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